Dye decolorization

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Papanicolaou Concentration, OG-6 Papanicolaou Stain, EA 50 Papanicolaou stage, imparts a reliable range of coloration to exfoliativecells of relevant, cervical, prostatic and other body secretions, saving critical examination of months and cytoplasmic fits.

Kouichi Tatsu, Toshiyuki Naito, Masahiro Tokumura, Kunihiro Hoshino, Takahiro Iwasaki, Hideto Jinno, Shinsuke Usui, Akihiro Nagao, Study on the quantitative evaluation method of SVOC in a vehicle cabin using the passive method, Journal of the Human-Environment System, Accepted, Mar 03,  · A number of classical and rapid tests are used for the identification of medically important bacteria.

Below are brief descriptions of commonly performed tests and reagents used in. J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (11) () Hussien et al.


ISSN: About IJSEM. International Journal of Science Engineering and Management Welcomes researchers and academicians to submit their original research work which meets the journal criteria of significance and scientific excellence.

sol was prepared for the degradation of methylene blue (MB) solution under ultraviolet (UV) irradiation. The absorption spectra of MB indicated that the maximum wavelength, nm, almost kept the same.

The performance of % for color removal was reached after min. The particle size of sol was about nm. X-ray diffraction showed that consisted of a single anatase phase.

What caused the effluent chemical oxygen demand (COD) higher than the influent synthetic dye containing wastewater COD?

Dye decolorization
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