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At the beginning of the answer Jude's world was black and reasoning. JUDE is such a compelling and incredibly powerful read. Kate Morgenroth did a beautiful job writing Jude in such a way that the reader cant help but be absorbed Reviews: Jun 18,  · I need a summary the book Jude by Kate Morgenroth.

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Sep 17,  · Anna’s boyfriend, Harry was also affected by Jude in prison; what Harry didn’t think about when betraying Jude was that Jude would have time to find himself and form the determination to expose him, and his reputation was eventually ruined because he was foolish enough to think that Jude was just a puppet.

Jude took about three years to write all together. About eight months to write the first draft, then the rest of the time rewriting and more rewriting and yet more rewriting.

Jude was a bit of a problem book, and it needed a lot of revisions. Jude Reviews: Library Journal Booklist Kirkus. In her YA debut, adult thriller writer Morgenroth tells the compelling story of Jude, 15, who is caught in a world of murder, drugs, and cover–ups that reaches into his Connecticut home and high–school.

Jude, a likable, well–meaning teenager, endures multiple betrayals in this. Jude by Kate Morgenroth - When fifteen-year-old Jude's father is brutally murdered, Jude is a witness. But to save his own life, he can't tell the police what he.

Jude by kate morgenroth
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