Nicolas b pichay isang araw sa karnabal

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2010 Palanca winners honored

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Virgin Labfest Playwrights Top The Palanca Awards For Literature

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On September 9, Reuel Aguila’s Maliw (Enduring) and Nicolas Pichay’s Isang Araw Sa Karnabal (One Day In The Carnival) both directed by Cris Millado were staged. Collectively called Set B for the festival, both plays pay tribute to the desaparecidos or the disappeared.

Playwrights featured in the annual Virgin Labfest, a theater festival featuring unstaged, untried and unpublished plays, captured the top three prizes for the One Act Play Category Pilipino division of the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards For Literature.

Nicolas B. Pichay bagged the first prize for â. Ariel S. Tabag (born August 16, ), is a bilingual Ilocano fictionist (he writes in Ilocano language and Tagalog /Filipino), poet, editor, translator, and musician. He has received the Palanca Awards for his Ilokano short stories.

Merlie M. Alunan topic. Merlie M. Alunan (born December 14,in Dingle, Iloilo) is a Filipina poet. Life She graduated in Silliman University with an MA in Creative Writing in Layeta Bucoy (Directed by Tuxqs Rutaqio), a well-meaning doctor runs for Mayor only to find out that the community he so wanted to help desires a different path for itself; Discover the question confronted by a mother in Reuel Molina Aguila’s bittersweet Maliw (Directed by Chris Millado); Nick Pichay’s Isang Araw sa Karnabal (Directed by.

Nicolas b pichay isang araw sa karnabal
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