Paper weights

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Paper Weights

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Printing Terms: What does GSM mean? Which GSM or paperweight is right for me?

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The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine

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Printing Terms: What does GSM mean? Which GSM or paperweight is right for me?

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The term GSM is far from explanatory but you can guarantee that it will come up when talking to any printer worth his or her salt. This neat little article aims to explain the exact meaning of GSM.

HCF – Paper Sizes and Weights The following table indicates the paper and the sizes that CAN be used in the HCF: Common Name Size (Inches) Size (mm) Orientation. Craft Paper at Paper is one of the most ancient and familiar media for arts and crafts, and after all the centuries of use, it’s still an ideal choice for artists of all skill levels.

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Let’s get started! GSM GSM GSM GSM 25 17 Text Text 8 Bond 30 Cover 30 20 Text 60 Cover 9 Bond 34 Cover 30 8 Bond 90 Index 12 Bond 45 90 Index

Paper weights
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