Rainbow paper plates

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Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts: Paper Plate Rainbows

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This action will open a modal dialog. Zoom In. Since our last over the rainbow craft was so popular for St. Pattys day I figured we’d make one that can be made year round! It’s a simple art project that kids can make and it’s a quick one too! Materials Needed: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white paper.

This tissue paper and paper plate rainbow craft is not only perfect for the upcoming St.

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Patrick's Day holiday, but also to welcome spring. This rainbow craft is super fun, simple, inexpensive, and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

All three of my kids (9, 6, 4) did this rainbow craft with me.

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This Rainbow Paper Plate Flower Learning Toy is such a fun way to welcome Spring and learn colors at the same time. Watch the flower change color as you turn the paper plate! 1) Ask your child to say out the name of the color as he/she turns the paper plate. 2) Play this fun color search game.

Rainbow Streamer Dance Attach streamers in rainbow colors to paper plates and give a plate to each child.

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Play the music "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" or The Rainbow Colors Song and have the children dance and move their rainbow paper plates to the beat of the music.

Rainbow paper plates
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Rainbow Paper Plate Weaving Project | Pink Stripey Socks