Sap se16

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SM30, SE16

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SAP PI: growing table BC_MSG_AUDIT

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Difference between SE16 and SE16N Transaction Codes

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Because SE16 & SE16N are not table restricted these transactions are not available to the general SAP business community with most organizations. SAP MM Automatic Account Determination. Sometimes I wonder how many implementations it would take to get the Automatic Account Determination process down-pat.

I was once asked an astute question in an interview about transaction SE “David, how do you feel about giving end users access to SE16 in SAP ECC?” My answer to the interviewer was three fold: End users should not have access to SE16 (or its variants SE16N, SE17, etc) in SAP ECC because the [ ].

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Sap se16
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SE16 debugging mode - change table values