What are some good scholarly habits when writing a paper

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Working Habits that Work

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The Purpose of Scholarly Writing

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We write because we are reacting to someone or something. While writing can feel like an isolating, individual act—just you and the computer or pad of paper—it is really a social act, a way in which we respond to the people and world around us.

Writing happens in specific, often prescribed contexts. Book presents good ideas but supports with tons of personal anecdotes that tend to build up the author more than it should. The quotes within the book are not referenced leaving the impression they are more urban legend or paraphrased than actual.

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Writing for Scholars is a great guide for (aspiring) academic writers. The simplest thing I could say is that it ought to be required reading for anyone in graduate school who will be doing academic writing - e.g., journal articles or a dissertation.

What are some good scholarly habits when writing a paper
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